We, at Hills Tree Solutions​, have an extensive array of machinery and equipment in order to complete many services. Please find below a more detailed overview of the services we provide.

Tree Removal 

​When trees are at risk of damage to properties, buildings and/or people, they may be completely removed. We can additionally remove trees for the purpose of property development, land clearance and landscaping alterations at the request of the customer. 

Tree Reduction

Reduction to either the height or spread of the tree in order to sustain structural integrity and overall aesthetics. This is commonly completed through specialised cutting and pruning techniques.

Tree Surgery

Surgery is the systematic removal of tree limbs, dead wood, and rubbing brnaches in order to increase its longetivity of life and improve general health. 

Stump Grinding

Through the use of specialised machinery, we are able to completely remove all stumps to below ground level.


We can block your tree into 300mm footblocks for firewood during the tree removal process. We also sell dried Australian hardwood seperately. 


We supply green mulch for gardens and playgrounds. 

Consulting Services

Professional evaluation of the tree, it's structural integrity and location, for the best course of action to be taken. This can be provided verbally, in a written quote. With arborists on our team, we can provide a specialised report detailing options to sustain your tree's health and longetivity of life.